High Quality Aluminium Slide & Swing Toilet Door in Singapore


High Quality Aluminium Slide & Swing Door

''Are you bothered by space issues with your toilet door❓Does it collide with furniture or limit its opening? No more worries! Introducing S&K Slide & Swing Doors, that solves all your problems! 🚪
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Slide & Swing Door #KeyFeatures: 🌟
1) Unique Slide & Swing Concept - Just 2⃣ steps can easily Sliding and swinging, fully retractable, no more worries about tight spaces!
2) NO TOP & BOTTOM TRACK - Easy to clean, reducing the risk of tripping for seniors and children! 👨‍🦳👩‍👧‍👦
3) High-quality Aluminium frames, waterproof and durable 🌦
4) 180° fully open concept for maximum space utilization
5) Wheelchair users Friendly👩‍🦽
✅ No more problems with toilet doors getting stuck  
✅ Ordinary Swing Doors bump into things, creating space issues 😭
✅ No more tripping for seniors, children, and easy wheelchair access
✅ Personalized designs: Choose up to 300+ panels design
🏆 Exclusive Patent: Slide & Swing Door is proud to hold patents in Singapore and Malaysia, becoming your ultimate choice for aluminum doors!
Now is the time to elevate your toilet door to a whole new level. Contact us now to experience the convenience of Slide & Swing Door! 😍💯💯