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Solid Wooden doors are a popular product and we know our customers choose it because of its ability to offer security, strength and protection against inclement weather. As an interior door, it’s superiority in terms of sound and heat insulation is renowned. It’s quite possibly one of the best materials for doors out there and has been for many, many centuries.
Why would you want timber doors?
There are many benefits to having timber doors, the first being aesthetics. There is nothing that makes a statement more than a timbre door, you can have a simple finish or paint it a colour that matches your personal style and taste, and naturally something that fits in with the overall architecture of the house.
An aesthetically pleasing door is a win-win for your home 
A beautifully treated and stained door will give your house a really stunning and luxurious look. It can also add value to your property from the outside if you’re looking to sell soon, giving your home real curb appeal. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether your home is classic or contemporary, timber doors fit in any style and look good upstairs as well as downstairs. As front and back doors, you’ve got an attractive exterior that will protect against the infamous British weather and give your home instant curb appeal.
You’ll find that timber naturally insulates so it can save you in energy bills. It can also help to keep your home nice and cool in summer, whether you have doors on the inside or on the outside, or both.
If you’re wanting durability and longevity, then timber doors give you that too. Timber can last a long, long time. It can be repaired easily and in a straightforward way even if there’s structural damage, unlike other doors, serious damage doesn’t have to mean replacement.
As well as being durable, timber doors are great for the environment because wood is sustainable. It stores carbon and releases oxygen and reverses the carbon footprint. Wood is a natural material and can be used again and again to be upcycled, recycled and turned into a variety of different objects.

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